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What happened about 8 years ago came back to hunt the Arinze family of Obofia, Ogbu, Abatete in Idemmili north LGA of Anambra state. The question on the lips of neighbours, relatives, friends, and well wisher's of the Arinze family is where is Mr Emmanuel Arinze?
It is on record that Emmanuel Arinze disappeared for over 8years now without anybody to vouch for his whereabouts
According to their relatives in 2010, mayhem was unleashed on the family of the Arinzes leaving two people dead, while others were injured.
All attempt to ascertain the actual cause of the event has proved abortive, but one story that kept coming up each time the issue is mentioned is that Mrs Mabel Arinze, now deceased embezzled money given to her by a popular political party for a given project, and every attempt to get her to pay back the money or to give it back to the people it was meant for proved abortive, then along the line the killing happened.
Since then, the only surviving son who ran away for his life is yet to be seen or heard from after 8 years.
To worsen the matter, the uncle to Mr Emmanuel by name Mr Sunday Arinze thinking that the situation had calmed down came back to Abatete in February 2018 only to be murdered in cold blood.
With their house dilapidating, bush growing everywhere and the deceased still in the mortuary, the question on the lips of everyone now is where is Mr Emmanuel Arinze.

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