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By IFeanyi Ezefunamba
On the 27th September 2018, The Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State under the Student Union Government (SUG) led by Giant Comrade Izuchukwu Azuchukwu , held a strong congress at School Convocation Arena which aimed at “NO CBT, NO EXAMS”, for the student of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State.
The event which kicked off as at exactly exactly 12:02am with an Open Prayer by the Attorney General Okanu Umeh who dedicated Official opening of the congress into God’s and asked that the congress will come to an end in a successful matter well pleasing to all the students. The SUG Executives was recognized by the PRO of the Union.
The President of the SUG Union, Giant Comrade Akuchukwu Izuchukwu when called for the opening remark, warmly welcomed all students  in attendance  for the Congress, and also pleaded with the students that the reason for the congress is not to prove their vibrancy by speaking with a bias mind but to be diplomatic while airing out their views.
The Chief Justice of the SUG Union was also called to read out the Student’s Constitution to the students during the Congress, He also appeal to students to be free while airing their views, that no ones right will be infringe for standing up tall
The Secretary General of the SUG Union then read out the Agenda for holding the Congress to the students as follows;
1.     Issue of CBT.   
2.    Strike Issue.
3.    Issue of Security, Robbery Attacks.
4.    Welfare of the students/Medical Centre.
5.    Bookshop Issue.
6.    Accommodation/Lodge Issue.
7.    Indecency among Students.
8.    Student Week.
9.    Achievements of the SUG Union so far.
The ground was then opened to the students for free expression and opinion hearing based on the agenda already stated;

1.    Achievements of the SUG Union so far: The SUG president of the Union said that the Ultra-Modern SUG Secretariat which was handed over to him by the immediate past SUG Union will soon be completed, he also said that the only thing left to be done on the building are the electrification, plastering and painting, he promised to be done with the building before leaving his office this year. The Students also applauded the SUG Union for the work going on at the ultra-modern SUG Secretariat saying that such is not happening in any Tertiary Institution in Anambra and also personally thanked Giant Comrade Akuchukwu Izuchukwu for his effort in seeing to the completion of the building. In another development the SUG President also said the Union was able to acquire a photocopy machine which photocopy’s for student’s at the rate of Five Naira (#5) instead of Ten Naira (#10) or (#20). He also said that has also retrieved many medical receipts lost by students given back to them with the help of the Director Medical Centre.
2.    Strike: The student complained bitterly that the school from first semester of 2017/2018 session started with strike and the school has been occasionally been embarking on strike for selfish reasons best know to them. The students also complain that while other tertiary institutions other are at home, the polytechnic was just starting her second semester which is really slowing down the school calendar and slowing down their futuristic goals. Students also made mention of their yearly four months IT which can’t be achieved any longer because the school is really backward. The students pleaded with the entire school management, SUG Union and the Anambra State Government to deeply look into the issue of strike in the Polytechnic and save the student from delay in their Academic Pursuit cause “Delay is Dangerous”
3.    Security: Ideas was drawn from far and near about the issue of security in the school premises. Students said that they are been robbed in their different lodges and also said their life is in danger in the school environment. Students made complain about street light in and out of the polytechnic most especially perm site, Students said that from 7:00pm the road around perm site is  become completely inaccessible because of the rate of robbery going on around the area, The Catholic Students of the Polytechnic also express deep grieve of how they are been robbed while coming for mass from 4:00am-6:00am on Sundays around the school premises and also pleaded that Security Officials like the Anti-Cult, Police men and other agencies should be strategized at strategic point of the polytechnic and deeply ask for street light. It was also said that the students are sometimes harassed by SARS, who force them to accept what they are not. A student (Name withheld) said SARS jumped into his lodge as at 12:00am without knocking the gate and packed the to Enugu-Ukwu in Anambra State and beat them up forcing them to accept that they were cultist, which there were not, and he also said before he could leave he had to pay about Thirty Thousand Naira (#30,000) to be released.
4.    Welfare of the Student/Polytechnic Medical Centre: In another development the students of the polytechnic complained that their welfare is been compromised at a high esteem, one of the student of the polytechnic complained that some of the students try their best to train themselves in school by going into little businesses in and out of the polytechnic, but complained that when some of the students are selling their products (Bread bounce, zobo, sweets, pure water, chin chin, peanuts) at free time to be able to get little money to support their stay in school, there are been pursued out of the school by the school security personnel’s around the environment, and also asked “IS SELLING AROUND THE SCHOOL WRONG”, that such acts should be deceased by the security men. The students also complained that the school medical centre is not working effectively as it is expected to be, A student complained that even when she was sick and taken to the school medical centre, before she was attended to, it took the nurse thirty (30) minutes to attend to her, another student complained (As an eye witness) that there was a time a student fainted in the school premises and when she was taken to the school medical centre, she was reluctantly attended to by the nurse in attendance which later made them to go out of of the school premises and admitted her in a hospital opposite the polytechnic’s site (Chukwunonso Hospital). The SUG President also express his dissatisfaction about how students go out to receive treatment and the end up paying Ten thousand Naira (#10,000) just to fill card (Registration). The Students also said that the most common drug the school medical centre do give to the is paracetemol, the students said they can’t be free going to the school medical centre unless the school administration tries revamping back the polytechnic’s medical centre. In another development the students said that some of the Non-teaching staffs in some departmental Head of Department (HOD) office treats the students unfairly, whereby the tend to do things slowly disregarding that the students still have another processes of clearance to go through, making them spend a lot of time doing a particular thing without achieving maximum for the day. Concerning the welfare of the students, the students made an appeal to the school management that dust bin should be provided at strategic point of the polytechnic for the school environment to kept clean at all times.
5.    Bookshop Issue: The students pleaded that the school’s bookshop should be expanded and also made an appeal that course representatives of each departments should be allowed to go inside the bookshop to buy the books cause of the risk in holding a lot of money standing outside the bookshop waiting for their turn. Students also complained that Lecturer’s textbooks are so expensive to purchase from either the bookshop or course representatives and also made a comparism with other schools such as Federal Polytechnic, Nekede that their textbooks are very cheap and easy to purchase at a rate of Eight Hundred(#800) to One thousand(#1000) but in Federal Polytechnic Oko, textbooks cost one thousand five hundred(#1,500) to even four thousand naira(#4,000) for one textbook and said it should not be so at all cause the present economic situation of the country presently is not a favorable one to anyone in the country presently, and also said that lecturers are becoming and have become so bold that they would come to the class instead of lecturing, they will say if you do not buy their textbook u will have “CARRYOVER” in that course which kills the courage or mindset of the students even before and after examinations.
6.    Lodge Issue: It is on a high concentration that the cost of accommodation in Oko is so high and also appealed that there is great need for the establishment for a boys hostel inside the school, and also the school should meet with landlords or the Igwe of the community for a stipulated amount of rate to be collected from students for their stay, the students said in some lodges they pay one hundred and ten thousand(#110,000) up to one hundred and seventy thousand (#170,000) around the school premises and said it is a lot of expenses to them and their family as a whole, they also said that the school should build hostels for student to occupy.
7.    Indecency among students: A popular saying has it that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed, some students stood the ground that they are in tertiary institution and their dressing should not be looked at cause it is their choice, while others understood why the need for indecency should be addressed by the school management. An opinion which was drawn by a student said the school should have a team that will checkmate the way the students dress to class even from the gate, the student also said that anyone that is not properly dressed should be sent back and not allowed to enter the school premises through the gate. Majority of the male student of the polytechnic said that before they were allowed to write their first semester exam they were forced to go and shave their beards or else NO EXAM FOR THEM. A student asked the relationship between his beards and the computer, he also stated that one man’s believe should not be imposed on everyone cause if the management is against it cause of their believe then his believe is not agains keeping beards. Students were also urged to also put up their approved departmental dresses on the assigned days and to wear their departmental polo’s on Wednesday and school polo’s on Thursday to avoid embarrassment from their HOD or lecturer’s.
8.    Student Week: As the students get ready for their students week, the SUG Vice President read out the programme for this year’s students week and promised the students that it would be the best of its kind and also promised the students “NO RAIN”
9.    CBT Issue: The students got very excited at the sound of the CBT Issue, the students and the SUG President stood for CBT method of writing the school exam, the students said that if their exams should be with pen and paper, there would be missing scripts, sexual harassment from lecturers to students and high rate of sorting the lecturers. The student stood their ground saying that they do not wish to take their exams with pen and paper, and also said before such conclusion should be made the students should be consulted first.
10.    AOP: The ground was then opened for contributions and this came from mostly Ufuma students, stating that they are neglected with the activities of the school asking if regular1 students are better or different from regular2 students and pleaded with the school management for full participation in the activities of the school.

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