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A man of the people, a true brother, a loyal friend, a servant leader, a loyalist to the core, a man who stands for equity and justice and a true change agent who wants a better society for his people.

Owelle will become the voice and a true Ambassador of his people in the Federal House of Representatives. What he has done in the UK and in Anambra State, is what he wants to now do for his people on the National level, namely, to serve his people with integrity, dedication and to add value to their lives and his constituency.

Formally known as APGA UK and now known as the SSA to HE Chief Willie Obiano on political  matters, he has shown unalloyed support and extreme loyalty in carrying out his special duties, always, on the side of the people and more than willing to always lend a helping hand. These are the marks of servant leader.

Nigeria is in need of more servant leaders in the mold of Owelle and not just people who can muscle their way into office, intimidate the electorate and who only remember the masses every four years before an election.

Owelle’s doors and even windows are open to all, from the highest placed people in the society to the lowest placed in the society, every single day. He is a man of integrity who truly cares for the plight of his people.

Possibly this is a trait he inherited from his late father, the learned barrister and also a servant leader. The apple does not fall far from the tree, so the saying goes. Others call it predigree of integrity.

For Owelle, the pursuit of money has never seemed to be his end goal in life, rather, he seems to see money as a mere tool that should be deployed strategically to help others, uplift the society and create things that add value to life. He is one that gives more than he takes.

Owelle is an Ambassador for “aku luo uno”, always preaching to his brothers and sisters based outside to come home, invest and create jobs for the people. He has great economic and development plans for his people.

Owelle seems to understand that a legacy that was endowed upon him was having a good education and he has a passion to see that the youths and the younger ones are very well educated and that this is used as a spring board for life. This explains why he passionately solicited for books of over N1 billion to be brought into Anambra, as he knows what the power of education can do for his people.

I can see him computerising and bringing in digital education for his people, as Owelle is a digital man, who has a passion of using technology to enlighten the masses.

Owelle stands for passion!! When he serves others, it is done with so much passion and utmost dedication. I can only appeal to you all, to support Owelle, cast your vote for him and Anambra will enjoy having one of its best servant leaders serve its people, with utmost integrity, in the Federal House of Representatives.

May the Lord Almighty continue to bless, keep and guide Owelle on this journey to serve his people! Amen

Chief Oliver Okeke (Chairman & CEO Josan Agro Industries )

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