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When you want to count the *numerous qualities* that makes his person, You can proudly count that he is *Strong, Bold, Philanthropic, Intelligent, Smart, Courageous, Well educated, Respectful, Reliable, Well connected, Always reachable and accessible.*

When some educated youths were roaming the streets out of joblessness, *He intervened and got them connected and introduced to some better jobs and government appointments.*

When *Chief Chukwuemeka Odumdegwu Ojukwu* of the blessed memory, was ill at a *UK hospital, He was in charge as the liaison between Ojukwu and Nigeria,* for you must see him before seeing *Ojukwu, irrespective of whom you were.

When Eze Igbo Gburugburu later joined our ancestors in 2011, He planned and organized the greatest wake-keep ever for any black man on UK soil. Meanwhile, that  unprecedented achievement happened to have added another record to Ojukwu's numerous unbeaten records and accolades, Even in death.

When Ikemba Nnewi was finally laid to rest in Nnewi, He was trusted enough to be made the Chairman of his burial committee by the duo of Anambra state government and Nzuko- Ora Nnewi who constituted and inaugurated the committee.

When governor Obiano made plans on boosting the education sector in our state and wanted to invest more in that sector during his first tenure, He attracted about ten containers loaded with foreign books of different Types, Courses and Subjects, worth over 1 billion naira, to our state government for all the Tertiary, Technical and Secondary schools across the state.

When our Party APGA were experiencing some very hard times because of the division that invaded the Party, He contributed immensely in ensuring and restoring of peace back in APGA.

When you desire you to start counting his political achievements so far under APGA, We cannot forget that he is the founder of APGA UK, and G10*, which has many great men of high political class from all the five south- eastern states and beyond as members. And he also has been serving as a Senior Special Assistant on Political Matters, to governor Obiano for the same number of years that the governor has spent in office since his first term till date.

When you cross examine and discuss all these men aspiring for the Green Chamber Seat of Nnewi- north, Nnewi- south and Ekwusigo Federal Constituency under our great Party APGA come 2019, He outshines each and everyone of them by every ramifications, coupled with the fact that he is the most dedicated APGA member/stakeholder amongst them. Because, he is APGA first son while others are the grandsons

When our dear Party APGA was troubled, He was always there making peace among the big wigs of the Party, and all these Federal House of Reps. aspirants were nowhere to be found.

When searching for the best man to represent Nnewi north, Nnewi- south and Ekwusigo federal constituency come 2019, He is of course the best and second to none.

When you cares to know how a rounded and grass rooted of a man he is, Then you visit his country home in Egbema Ozubulu in Ekwusigo LGA. and ask around for the projects he attracted for his people, including some ongoing road projects, for they speak volume over there.

When properly addressing him for everyone to know whom we have been talking about, He goes by the names, Hon. Onyeka Mbaso (Owelle) The noble first son of the great Late Hon. Linus Mbaso. (Ochubaru Enyi Zogbuo Agu) "The former House Member 1979-1983", that represented the good people of Nnewi- south west constituency in old Anambra State under Jim Nwobodo.

AnselmDeGreat writes from Nnewi- south....

.... And I strongly stands with Owelle till the end.

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