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As part of efforts towards maintaining an inclusive governance, the Obiano government has officially named the Queen Suit Hotel's Junction through Saint Joseph the

Worker Catholic Church Junction to Packtonia Hotels junction Awka, Abakiliki street after the recent renaming of the former Abakiliki Road to Club Road.
Speaking to the ABS shortly after the official naming of the street, the Awka South Local Government Chairman, Mr. Leo Nwubah, said that the decision by the state government was aimed at giving Abakiliki people a sense of belonging in the state as they have remained law abiding and supportive to the present administration with emphasis on the last governorship election.
Mr. Nwubah, noted that the recent renaming of the former Abakiliki road to Club Road was not aimed at victimizing the people, but rather to provide a better place for them and save their name as all sorts of ills are committed in the area, advising them to accept the new street in good fate, and to remain supportive to the Obiano government as it means well for them.
Reacting to the issue of ban on Okada in the Awka capital city and Onitsha, the Awka South Local Government Boss encouraged those affected to do the needful so as to be among the people that will benefit from the seven hundred and sixty-five million naira set aside for empowerment of commercial motorcyclists in the state.
Mr. Nwubah disclosed that the empowerment is meant for all Okada riders irrespective of their state of origin, and emphasized that the ban on Okada is targeted at reducing the rate of crime, therefore should not be misunderstood by the residents. 
On his part, the Deputy Chairman of the Local Government, Chief Obiorah Okafor, commended Governor Obiano on his quest to carry everybody along in his government, and described the initiative as a welcome development.

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