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The Anambra state government will spend N4.1 billion on strategic agricultural development initiative in the 2018 planting season, according to Afam Mbanefo, the state’s commissioner for agriculture, mechanisation, processing and export.
The state, he said, will evolve and apply sustainable cluster-based farming initiative to boost agricultural activities during the period, noting that the cluster-base, a major method in driving modern agriculture, will be adopted in addition to the provision of farm inputs and motorcycles.
He added that plans were underway to introduce a mobile application for agricultural extension and farmer information management system to further develop the sector.
“A comprehensive four-year development plan has been prepared for different agricultural produce and farm types to increase productivity and effective land utilisation,” he said.
The commissioner said the government aimed to achieve in the coming years, an agricultural system that would feed the people, protect the environment and return investments.

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