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Any Leader that fails to recognize that leadership is service to the people, the electorates is an authoritarian, he will continue to abuse his privilege position and at all times try to lord it over his followers. His Youthfulness Osita Kingsley Ozalagba while he was addressing his Local Government Ward Executives at Recreation Center, Housing Estate Fegge-Onitsha on Tuesday, 1st May 2018 reminded them of their rights. " Any Representative you elect is your servant" All this things that some people we elect are doing are making mockery of a democratic principle. Before they went to Awka they are everywhere here, even looking for our dogs to bath for us to show how down to earth they were but weeks after their election, there phone numbers become too busy for us to reach them. "Egbuo anu ora ,abia were obara ya tee gi n'onu buru nke bu anu buba n'ulo ha" that you receive okada ,bag of rice as empowerment I won't ask you not to take, collect them because they are yours but let them not be the bases upon which you cast your vote. Your vote is your power. Don't mind them they only come when election is around the corner to use us and kick us off after election. They become the Boss having no time for us again. I urge you not to allow them this time. The ASATU Youth President said 'Democracies die in many stages and one of them is the election of an authoritarian leader and another is a leader's concentration on self aggrandizement and glory that leads to abuse of governmental power and the complete repression of opposition or critiques' He told them that if they send him that they have done well for themselves because he is going there to serve them and not to be served.
His track records are there from Unizik where he served as a Student Senator, Ichida Students Union and Youth wing, ASATU and APGA Youth wing where he is serving currently.
He urged his constituents to always trace one's record from the person's root before voting. All of us has root. I came from Ichida born here in Onitsha, my Primary school was at Creative Minds, I went to Federal Government College, Nise and Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, holds Diploma in Law and a degree in Political Science.
Whatever report you got from these aforementioned about any candidate represents over seventy percent (70%) of who the person is. None of us falls from heaven, we are from somewhere, our actions speak louder than words.
For our future,we take action today!
It's a New Breed! New Approach!! New Direction!!!

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