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Coke Market: Women traders at Ogbaru Fruits and Vegetable market numbering over 200 yesterday, besieged the Council Secretariat of Ogbaru local government to register their concern over the demolition exercise going on across the state and to urge the state government to allow them continue their trading activities at their present location.
The women who conducted themselves peacefully said that they are widows who are only surviving from the little buying and selling they do at Coca-Cola market. They eueluggized a former boxer and a one time lightweight champion who won laurels for the country in boxing, Chief Edwin Ogbonna (Supper), the owner of one of the markets at the said Coke, whom the widows said had accommodated them without collecting any money from them. They appealed that life will be unbearable for them if Coke market is closed. 
They said that their reason for coming to the Council Secretariat was because of the good works the new Chairman of Ogbaru local government, Hon. Arinzechukwu Awogu is doing and seeing that he has listening ears. Their spokes person, Mrs. Rose Eze, told the Council Chairman that Coke market is the only market that feeds the poor through the benevolence of Chief Edwin Ogbonna and feared that they may not survive the harsh economic situation in the country if Coke market is to be closed.  They however, assured that they will cooperate with government.
Addressing the market women, the Chairman of Ogbaru local government, Hon. Arinzechukwu Awogu who upon learning that a large number of widows were at the Secretariat to see him abandoned all he was doing to meet with the widows at the pavilion section of the Secretariat said that he was happy with the bold and orderly step the women took in coming to air their concerns. The Council Chairman said that the government of Chief Willie Obiano is not a marshal-order government but a government that engages the citizens in order to clear their fears and to assure the citizens that the common good of all is the watchword of every policy of the government.  He said that; "the on going statewide demolition of illegal structures is to reclaim decency in our society and to restore order in our major cities and markets." 
Hon. Arinzechukwu Awogu while reacting to the plea by the widows to be allowed to remain at their present location, said that the state government was more than ever before poised to move all fruits and vegetable traders to the permanent site, beside Power Mike Stadium, Atani road, and said that his reason for having held three (3) meetings with the fruits and vegetable traders was to prepare their minds for a peaceful relocation before the bulldozer of the state government rolls in. He maintained that he was mindful of the attempt to relocate them two years ago and wouldn't want a repeat of the pains and agony the traders went through hence, his decision to constantly engage the traders for a better understanding of government's desire.  
The Council boss assured the widows that he will relay their plea to the state authorities and urged them to always obey government in order to avoid government's use of coercive powers as a mark of last resort. The widows later sang songs, praising the governor of the state, Chief Willie Obiano for his care for the poor and the needy. 
Recall that the state government had built a new market for the fruits and vegetable traders following the incessant loss of lives, indiscriminate dumping of refuse along the expressway and obstruction of free flow of traffic as a result of trading activities going on there but the Landlords and Caretakers at Coke market mobilized the traders to reject the relocation which the state government has now decided to enforce.

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