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To view the desired transformation of the UNIZIK Temp Site Junction Awka and Environs is to shun cynicisms. This is a journey into vision. In this journey, you must first free your mind and the rest will follow.

Awka is a University City. And as such the economy of the city is closely related with the university activity and highly supported by the entire university structure, which includes university hospital and clinics, printing houses, libraries, business incubators, student lodges, students' unions, student societies, and academic festivities. Thus, the history of Awka, since the inception of Anambra State in 1991, is often intertwined with that of UNIZIK.

In the particular case of the UNIZIK Temp Site Junction and Environs, whilst the seat of the university activities is at the UNIZIK Perm Site, the studentification of the UNIZIK Temp Site area is still prevalent. For this reason, the area must wear a certain je ne sais quoi – unique and befitting of a University City neighborhood.

It is no wonder, in a bid to decongest the streets of urban cities of Anambra State (starting with Onitsha) and to ensure clean & heathy Anambra State, the Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency Chief (Dr.) Willie M. Obiano, ordered the ongoing “Operation No Street Trading in Anambra State.” That operation recently hit the UNIZIK Temp Site Junction Awka and Environs, with a view to renew the neighborhood that has otherwise degenerated.

Urban decay and degeneration, following rapid urbanization, is a very serious contemporary environmental challenge in most Nigerian urban cities such as the Awka Capital Territory. Urban renewal action is a task that must be pursued and accomplished to bring our sub-standard urban cities environments to the standard reflective of our time – the 21st century, and in tandem with those of other comparable nations. Integrated efforts from international, national and local fronts as well as the private sector, different professionals in the built-environment, among others are required to realize sustainable urban renewal in our cities. The renewed or regenerated UNIZIK Temp Site Junction and environs would not only ensure harmonious, attractive and aesthetically pleasant environment but also enhanced socio-economic development, safe, secure, healthy and quality urban life for both the present and future generations.

Imagine the UNIZIK Temp Site Junction and Environs in a new light, I dare you.

Arc. Michael M. Okonkwo
Honorable Commissioner for Environment
Anambra State.

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