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Stunning Revelations Emerge, As Hon. Awogu visits Ossomala Community.
When some two years ago the newly transformed and fully equipped Orumba General Hospital in Ajalli was commissioned by the governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, one of the four model hospitals singled out by Rise Health Corporation USA for extensive modernization and upgrade in partnership with the government of Anambra State. Ossomala General hospital,  re-christained Rise Clinic Ossomala was said to be third on the list of hospitals to be rehabilitated with upgraded facilities after Rise Clinic Adazi-Enu and Rise Clinic Onitsha.

But two years down the line, the much the Ossomala General hospital has witnessed was the initial visits made to the hospital by RISE medical team, nothing has since been seen or heard about the hospital and the assurances of its revival. A hospital that was commissioned in 1976 by the then Head of State, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo now looks everything opposite what a General  Hospital should be.

The Chairman of Ogbaru local government area,  Hon. Arinzechukwu Awogu in continuation of his tour of facilities in the local government visited the hospital and was shocked beyond words at the level of abandonment, dilapidation and near obliteration of the Ossomala General hospital from the map of hospitals in Nigeria.

Taking the Ogbaru local government Chairman round the hospital, the resident doctor, Dr. Frank Ifeaneme, explaind that the hospital lacks everything needed in a hospital. The visit revealed the near nonexistence of medical services save for the presence of the resident doctor and a few nurses at the hospital. The roof of the Theater section of the hospital has been blown open and rain water could be seen lodged in all corners and there is no sign of any usage of the Theater in the last 15 years. The Labor Ward is deserted and according to the doctor, records show that the last baby was delivered in the hospital some 27 years ago. Stunned by the revelation, the Chairman wondered if women in Ossomala have stopped  giving birth to new babies. It was also discovered that most Wards in the hospital have no mattresses.

It is indeed shocking to learn that there is no running water and no drugs in the hospital. Drugs according to the doctor are sourced from the open market to treat patients. Emergency cases are better never brought to the hospital as there is obviously no sign of any case beyond malaria-treatment that the hospital can handle. There is also no security around the hospital as it is not fenced but has one watch-day and as a result, nurses are afraid to sleep in the hospital to attend to patients in the night. Only one patient was seen in the hospital and when the Chairman inquired of what brought her the doctor said it was malaria, perhaps, the only the hospital, "General Hospital" can afford to treat. It was further revealed that the only medical doctor in the hospital comes three times a week; Monday, Teusday  and Thursday.

At the staff quarters which is over grown with weeds, the Chairman discribed what he saw as "incredible!" One of the buildings that serves as doctor's residence has be converted to a pig-pen as a result of abandonment while he-goats and she-goats are living happily in some others. The entire buildings in the staff quarters are shared between domestic animals and reptiles. "It's incredible to say the least what has become of the only General hospital in Ogbaru local government. To us, human health is sacrosanct. What has become of the MoU the state government signed with RISE Health Corporation has certainly failed in this place and it's obvious a new approach will have to be adopted by the state government to revamp the Ossomala General hospital," Hon. Awogu said.

From the findings made following the visit of the Council boss, five (5) pressing needs are at the heart of the hospital; 1. Functional borehole to guarantee availability of water. 2. Perimeter fencing to secure the hospital and give nurses and other workers a sense of protection and security.  3. A genarator that the hospital can easily operate and maintain. They have a brand new lister-power generating set but it has not been mounted. 4. Laboratory equipments. 5. And functional Theater.

Speaking on behalf of Ossomala community the President General of Ossomala Development Union,  Sir. John Nwadialor and the immediate past President General of the community, Mr. Anthony Chukwuka Ugboma, thanked the Council Chairman, Hon. Arinzechukwu Awogu for finding time to visit the hospital and appealed to the state government to have sympathy for Ndi-Ogbahu. They opined that Ogbahu and her pains are not given attention by government for a very long time but pleaded with the state government to intervene in the situation of the Ossomala General hospital. They also called on the governor, Chief Willie Obiano to convert the Ossomala General hospital into School of Nursing and Midwifery, as such will help in strengthening healthcare services which is near dead in Ogbaru local government area.

The Council Chairman also paid homage to the traditional ruler of Ossomala, HRH Okakwu Victor Chukwuemeka Awogu. The Council Chairman at the Place of Okakwu of Ossomala called for peace and brotherliness among the inhabitants of Ossomala and Ogbaru. He urged that all sentiments and practices that tend to divide the people be discouraged for a more harmonious living. The Okakwu who poured encomium on the Council Chairman for bringing a sense of hope and new direction to the people of Ogbaru in less than two weeks in office prayed the good Lord to strengthen him as he strives to reposition the local government.

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