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It happened as slated to hold yesterday at Recreation Center Housing Estate, Fege. It was a huge success. Osita Kingsley KC Ozalagba ASATU Youth President yesterday succumbed to the pressure mounted on him by the Youths of Anambra State and other interest groups as he offered his hand to his ward Chairman who presented him to the People of Onitsha South local government ward Excos. 
In his presentation the Chairman poured encomiums, describing Osita as a very home breed, a child that grew from and by them,their very own who is tested and trusted that can only get the job done well.
Expectedly, as he took the microphone to address his constituents they were dumbfounded,mazed and at the same time legislatively updated because Osita after he has chronicled how he has been an unseen pillar of APGA from the his ward formative epoch to this time when APGA has gotten to its prime in the State, also educates the ward Excos whom he reminded that they are the one to decide on the legislative duties of a legislator including the oversight functions. The aspirant who received award as one of the best student Senator during his school days at the university went on to enumerate some of his successful precedence as a leader. He assured them that he is not going there to sleep nor to use them to grow a personal empire. He said that Onitsha South would be subdivided into three sub-legislative zones with liaison at each office to ensure a more grass rooted democratic drive. He noted that his constituency has over fifty widows among the party faithfuls and indigents that need to experience the goodwill of their legislator.
The Anambra State Youth Leader, the founding President of the most grounded State youth group -ASATU Youth said it would be needles to start telling the youths what he can offer and what he will do for them because they know him even more than he will try to tell. They initiated the aspiration and so he simply has to accept that he is a youth product and his aspiration their project.
He told all the over 200 Excos in the presence of about five State Party Executive that those at the Party State leadership where himself is currently serving are men and women of integrity, people of proven characters and reassured the would-be delegates that there is nothing to fear because there would be no cause for alarm for those who still follow the story that some people will just go and collect the Party ticket at the top.
My people let's support our very own. It's a New Breed! New Approach!!! New Direction!!!

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