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The lingering boundary dispute between the Nigeria police and their host, Atani Community, has been laid to rest in what can best be discribed as a win win settlement following the intervention of the Ogbaru TC Chairman, Comrade Arinzechukwu Awogu. 
Kudos must also go the the paramount ruler of Atani Kingdom, Igwe Azuka Ngoddy and the Palace Secretary, High Chief Dan Nwabueze for defending the interest of Atani community and agreeing when necessary to a balanced settlement of the dispute which has dragged both the Inspector General of Police and Anambra state Commissioner of Police to the National Assembly.
Recall that on Teusday last week, Atani youths singing war songs gathered at the disputed land following the report that the police was going ahead with perimeter facing that would have blocked access to the ITC centre being built for the use of Ogbaru children. The threat to cause violence forced the contractor handing the fencing to stop the work.
However, the police as represented by Atani DPO and Atani community as represented by the Palace Secretary, High Chief Dan Nwabueze, were yesterday interfaced with by the Ogbaru LGA Chairman, Comrade Arinzechukwu Awogu who visited the site with a compelling message of "give and take". The intervention saw the Council boss commend Igwe Azuka Ngoddy for his determination to defend the interest of Atani people and equally praised the police in Atani for attracting the structures that are being erected at the station by the federal government and said that they are all for the good of Atani and Ogbaru LGA. 
Comrade Awogu was taken round the disputed portion by both the Atani DPO and the Palace Secretary after which he propounded the Theory of "a little flesh to the bone a little bone to the flesh for semblance of equation." He persuaded the police to adjust its face to allow access to the ICT centre and inturn persuaded the Atani community to accept the adjustment even though it did not get to the point where the community had insisted abinitio.
The police and Atani community in demonstrating maturity and commitment to coexist together as they have done since 1971 when the community gave the police a part of their land accepted the resolution as presented by the LGA Chairman and it was upheld and seen by the two parties to have satisfied the interest of all.

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