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Willie Obiano, governor of Anambra, has revealed plans to boost the tourism sector of his state.
Speaking at the state executive council meeting in Awka on Monday, Obiano said there were plans to construct access roads to the famous Ogbunike Cave in Ogbunike and the Ogbaukwu caves and waterfalls in Owerre Ezukala town.
The governor said concrete footpaths would be constructed to enable tourists access the caves.
He also said the famous Ojukwu Bunker which provided a sanctuary to the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu during the Biafran War would be resuscitated and refurbished for tourism purposes.
Obiano said the light-up Anambra campaign would install streetlights on the roads and footpaths leading to the caves and the bunker.
Anambra is home to the ancient kingdom of Nri and Aguleri which offer a rich historical insight into the ancestral roots of Ndigbo.
Both Nri and Aguleri provide an array of historical sites and symbols that make for interesting scholarly enquiry while offering a rich tourism experience.
Aguleri town in Anambra east local government Area is the home of Cyprain lwene Tansi, the only Nigerian Saint who was beatified on March 22, 1998, by Pope John Paul II.
Obiano’s drive to develop the state’s tourism is seen as an attempt to showcase Anambra’s historical, religious and cultural endowments.

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