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Anambra Times exclusive interview with Honorable Commissioner for Women and Children Affairs Mrs Ndidi Mezue. 
Q: Her Excellency, Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano is to be honoured with the Zik Prize for humanitarian services. Are you surprise?  
A: Basically looking at Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano (osodieme) generally, not really because I have worked with her for the past four years, she has been a mother, a role model. She has been there helping out the less privileged both children and women that have nobody to carter for them, and I think not only to my mind and those who have worked closely with her, people believe she deserves  the award. And it came at the right time.   
Q: Does the First Lady of Anambra State, Her Excellency play any specific role in terms of supporting the state governor in his work?
A: She has contributed immensely to the socio - economic development of the state. As the wife of the executive governor of Anambra State, she is supportive in many ways. On the public scene she came in 2014 with a project known as Café which she has been using to support the less privileged in our society; giving out alms, free health treatment and artificial limbs, so she has been supportive. She is trying in her limited way considering that the Café project is not funded by the government. She gets her funding from well spirited individuals, she has been trying her best to contribute her own quota to the progress of our great state .
Q: How do you react to those who say that these projects are media propaganda?
A: The buildings are there, you will see the buildings that she gave to widows the boreholes, the public toilet that she is constructing in various markets in the state, so anybody that is in doubt can come to see these things.
Q: How would you rate her in terms of what she has done and what other First Ladies before her did in their own time?
A: If am to rate her, I will rate her 99%. She has done marvelously in her charity work and through that contributed to the growth and development of this great state. I am proud to associate with her.
Q: How are the beneficiaries of this charity work reached? Is there a selection process?
A: Actually I was not a Café staff but I think I have an idea how people were selected. They used to advertise it through 21 LGAs and churches, asking people that need such help to go and register in the office of the wife of Governor. When they do they will now select them based on their needs and if it is when they are doing training, they will train you in the area of your interest and need. Those that will be given artificial limbs will come and the doctors will measure them so that when they bring it, it will fit into their legs. That is how they do it, they are selected fairly based on their interest and needs and quota of the Local Government Areas.  
Q: What drives Her Excellency?
A: Actually, I think is about her passion. She’s a kind of person that likes helping the less privileged and that is Ebelechukwu Obiano for you. I remember vividly when she came on board, and wanted to visit all the local government areas, I advised her to wait for a while. I asked her to leave till about 6 months later and get to know the system before embarking on such a journey, but she said no. We visited one of the communities in Anambra West and before we knew what was happening, she was seated on Okada and we all joined her on Okada to where we were going to. I think it’s her passion and she loves the work she is doing. I call her mother Theresa of our own time.     
Q: Having had the opportunity of working with Her Excellency, what will you regard as her high spirit and low spirit, what kind of things uplift her, give her Joy and what kind of situation make her sober inside?
A: Just like I said earlier, she is a woman with passion. What she does, nobody tells her, it comes out of her. She does what she believes in. So I would say doing what needs to be done gives her satisfaction. On the other hand, she does not like people being idling; wasting man-hours and not contributing to the growth of the state. It’s one of the things that doesn’t sit well with her. Her Excellency is somebody who will give her Kobo to help someone in need. Whenever she is unable to help out, it wears her down.
Q: The perception of the people in state is that she has a lot of influence on the husband the Governor, to what extents can that be true?
A: Naturally, there should be understanding between them. But I think there should be a demarcation between private life and official life. I don’t think she has influence on her husband being the number one citizen of the state.
Q: Apart from the fact that she is somebody who loves giving, can you place your hand on any other thing you can say that this is what motivate her, this is what sustains her, this is what enables her to keep going even when the road is very rough? 
A: I think one of the things that motivate her is the practice of her faith. She is a religious and prayerful person. She draws strength from God. So she teams up with well-spirited individuals like her to make things flow.
Q: Every man of goodwill will want this charity work to continue but we don’t know if it will continue after the present administration.
A: I can remember that there was a time I was discussing with her; she told me that all these her charity work started when she was a private citizen in Lagos. I think she will also continue at the end of this second term.

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