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The Commissioner for Information and Communication Strategy, Ogbuefi Tony Nnachetta,

says the Obiano administration has engaged the people at the grassroots more than ever before in governance.
According to the Commissioner, the policy trust of the present administration is to ensure that development projects which have direct positive impact on the lives of the people are identified and prioritized.
Ogbuefi Nnachetta who stated this on ABS Breakfast Television Show, Good Morning Anambra said the Ministry of Information coordinates a situation room where it’s over one hundred and fifty community based reporters sample the needs of the people and arrange them in a scale of preference thereby helping the government to make appropriate decisions.
He also emphasized that with the successes already achieved in the Anambra Broadcasting Service and the Anambra Newspapers Printing and Publishing Company the publishers of the National Light, there are plans to also replicate sources of knowledge in all communities by establishing community based libraries to increase knowledge and promote information channels.
On the success recorded in Security of lives and property, the Commissioner disclosed that this has increased investments in the State, which has also enhanced the development of the tourism sector.
The Information Commissioner also revealed that the major target in the implementation of the 2018 projects will be on job creation and at a larger scale focuses on attracting more private sector investors, to ensure direct and indirect job creation.

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