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The Federal Government has been urged to encourage states to achieve their set goals by paying debts own them.

Speaking in Awka, a Former Commissioner for Lands, Barrister John Okoli- Akirika said the repayment of huge resources expanded by states on reconstruction of federal roads and other projects is well over due and should be part of priorities of the federal government.
Mr. Okoli-Akirikka pointed out that instead of handing out bailout funds to some states, the federal government would do better by commencing immediate reimbursement of money spent by some states on federal projects to enable them accelerate various development initiatives of the states and meets their obligations to the people.
 On the directive by the inspector General of Police to mop up arms and ammunition even from approved and registered security agencies, Mr. Okoli Akirika said it is counterproductive and negate the very essence of the primary objective of governance.
 The former Commissioner pointed out that some state like Anambra and Ekiti have put in place very proactive and efficient security systems that should not be threatened with such directive to avoid a backlash noting that vigilante service were established by necessary laws passed by the state Assemblies to compliment efforts of the Police in protecting the state environment.

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