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Honorable Ben Nwankwo 
The Member representing Orumba North and South Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Honourable Ben Nwankwo says the continued repression of the clamour to restructure Nigeria will only result in the disintegration of the country.
Chief Nwankwo was speaking to newsmen in Awka on the 2018 Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration and other National issues.
Chief Nwankwo observed that the over-centralization of power at Abuja which presently is the case in Nigeria, is not an attribute of true federalism which the country is said to be practicing.
The Federal Lawmaker attributed the issues of abundance of failed Federal roads and other infrastructural projects as well as inefficiency of the Police to the inability of the government at the Centre to undertake the enormous responsibility which the present structure bestows on it, arguing that if left unaddressed, the country would be taking giant steps backwards.
According to him, the dysfunctional Federalism, the disproportion in the distribution of the nation's socio-economic benefits between the various geo-political zones and the resultant loss of faith in the system by the people, have manifested in the various socio-economic and security challenges experienced across the country such as Boko Haram insurgency, militancy, secessionist agitations among others.
Chief Nwankwo said there is need for total restructuring of the country to build a stronger nation where understanding and mutual respect for one another's rights, peace and unity reign supreme.
On the issue of wanton killings and destruction of property by Fulani herdsmen and the seeming silence by the appropriate authorities, the Federal Lawmaker acknowledged that the implication is that Nigerians are now treated as less humans outside the shores of the country, calling for the recognition of the sanctity of human lives by the Federal government.
Chief Nwankwo said the Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration provides an opportunity for the society to ponder on the contributions of the Armed Forces towards upholding the ideals, strength and values of nationhood and the need to accord them the required support to enable them deliver on their mandate.
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