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It’s less than two months to the November 18 gubernatorial election and the political space is becoming hyperactive. Political campaigns are breaking across the landscape and rhetorical fireworkshave expectedly slipped into over-drive. Calculations and permutations with regards to the shape and trend of the race are being altered and observers may yet see both covert and overt alliances emerge before the D-day.
Already, “Operation Egwu Eke”, viewed by our people as a punitive martial campaign inspite of Governor Willie Obiano’s explanation in the contrary isunflattering to one of the contending political parties and its candidate. He has resorted to diminishing his party’s logo on all his branded campaign materials lest it affects his goodwill. But as the candidate is discretely trying to distance himself from his party’s identity symbols, the leaked secret pact with his business mogul godfather still sticks out like a sore thumb. Ndi Anambra are still stupefied to discover that a politician who seeks to improve their quality of life could go into such an evil deal where one man will provide more than half of the commissioners of his choice and bilk the state off 30percent of the monthly total IGR. The thought of it immediately reminds them of the dark days in our history when a few monsters held the state by the jugular and we becamea laughing stock, famous for arson, banditry and black magic. Many shudder to think that a candidate with such disposition is in the race for the exalted office at Agu Awka.
Same ugly situation is replicated in the other major party where a former governor of the state is propping up a puppet to vie for the same seat. Out of desperation to emplace his pawn, this guy is said to have used his deep pocket to swerve his party’s primaries in favour of his candidate, stirring up palpable uproar and discontentment in a party that is just emerging from a debilitating brawl. Contending candidates like Chief Ifeanyi Ubah who is a longstanding party member and one of its major benefactors refused to be appeased, arguing that he could only attribute this particular godfathers do-or-die approach to the primaries to his well-known quest to recover the billions of naira his former Commissioner forinformation has continued to insist that he spent on Governor Obiano’s campaign. Expectedly, Chief Ubah’s frank outburst was rewarded with an ill-informed suspension. Observers are eagerly watching how the ousting of Ubah will boost the candidacy of this godfathers lackey.
The emerging dramas notwithstanding, political pundits are in agreement that Willie Maduabuchi Obiano is the candidate to watch in this contest. He enters the ring with an intimidating experiential pedigree. And even his opponents know that they don’t stand a chance in a free and fair contest. This is why they’re keenly looking to subvert the process with the help of Abuja on one hand, and on the other hand, using the excessive cash starched away during his two term tenure to massively compromise the electoral bureaucracy. But ndi Anambra are not unaware of these possibilities. This is why they have continued to troop out in massive show of solidarity and support for the candidacy of Willie Obiano. 
In this edition, we bring you a special interview with our own elder statesman, Dr. Alex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme (GCON), Ide of Oko and Aguata who turns 85 years on October 21 this year. He unequivocally pitches his tent with Obiano in this election not minding that his daughter is the running mate of another candidate in a party he founded.
For those who either pretend or brazenly lie to the public that Willie Obiano’s administration has done nothing. We’ve published in this edition, a Part One of Governor Willie Obiano’s achievements in the last three and half years. We’ve presented it in a pull-out format to serve as collector’s item and areference material to counter serial liars and mischief makers.
Photos don’t lie. So, we’ve also catalogued the N20 million choose-your-project, another policy with which the Obiano government has impacted all the communities in Anambra State. The good news however is that communities that have completed their own are eligible to commence another one.
We also featured two of our major public commentators and analysts, Ifeanyi Afuba and Okechukwu Anarado, who looked at the danger of the resurgence of godfatherism, and the prospects of APGA in the impending dwell.
The wife of the Governor of Anambra State continues to live out her traditional title, Osodieme (one that supports her husband). She’s been touring local government areas where she brings smiles and succor to the needy and the disadvantaged ones in our midst. We bring you a good dose of her effort in this edition.
We invite you to enjoy this first edition in our campaign series. 
Dalu nu!

Mr. Paul Nwosu Editor in Chief Anambra Times Magazine

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