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The last time I saw such anticipation over the commencement of a service was when GLO was about to kick off. it was like Nigerians had been in prison and ECONET and MTN were the jailers and GLO was coming to their rescue. and indeed it was a grand reception for the network when it arrived.

That scene is playing out once again as another Pay Tv provider is threatening to outs the undisputed kings of cable Tv, DStv. DStv has reigned supreme for over two decades and rightly so. All other competition had not been able to give as much content and convenience has they have done.

They have remained number one, though there continues to be grumblings from many subscribers. Most of the complaints comes from the pricing and the billing system DStv uses.

To get quality programmes and channels on DStv one needs to shell out at least N8,500, and that is not the highest bouquet. To get the total experience, one will be spending close to N20,000 a month.

Also many complain that DStv does not give them the option of pay per view, so that they can only pay for what they watch.

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Many providers have come and failed in a bid to oust DStv while crashing their prices, yet it does not work. The superior programming offered by DStv always keeps them ahead and there was no cause for concern… until now.

It seems TStv (sounds like a pirated name) is set to match the offerings of DStv and even offer more value like internet services and Pay per view. All of a sudden they have become the toast of the internet.

Many have thrown DStv under the bus and swear they will be the first to buy the TStv. I can’t comment of TStv services until they actually become active, but I bid Nigerians restrain. If it sounds too good, it most probably is not. Many others have promised heaven and earth and they have packed up and left.

TSTV is a new satellite TV, partnered with a Europe-based television station, ABS Global, to launch into the Nigerian Broadcasting Service a Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite TV. They are supposed to have launched July 25th but was postponed to 1st of October due to logistics.


TStv will offer Nigerians complementary internet capacity, smart home, ability to pause subscriptions for a record of seven days every month, Video calls and inbuilt 500GB hard drive inside our STBs for content storage, Video on Demand services as well as the regular uninterrupted clean world class contents available 24 hours every day.

The New TSTV offers you Pay-As-You-Consume TV service, meaning you only pay for what you consume.

The TSTV Decoder + Dish will cost 5,000NGN, offers you 200+ (but will be starting with 100+) Channels, free 20GB Data, Video Calls, Pause subscription, Record and Playback feature and much more…

TSTV Subscription fee ranges from N200, N500, N1000, N1500, and N3000

N.B: You don’t need to pay monthly or periodically. You pay as you consume.

TSTV will function in all states, but according to what is on their twitter page, they are supposed to launch in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Owerri and Kano first before other states.

TSTV Decoder will be available Nationwide from 1st of October 2017.

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TSTV is the first indigenous local operator in Nigeria to launch such a premium platform with a variety of services to Nigerians and they are here to provide us premium video experience at affordable prices and to rescue us from paying exorbitant prices to foreign operators. 

Get yourself prepared to welcome TSTV, the launching day is 1st of October 2017.

For list of channels, visit TSTV website HERE

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