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The Witch Cried Yesternight. A Baby Died This Morning
Paul Nwosu.
Even though the social media contractors of the APC Campaign have denied the alleged shooting and killing of three innocent citizens at Nkpor, after their raucous Onitsha Campaign flag-off, the fatal incident still calls for concern by every right thinking Anambra person and Nigerian. For a long time now, Anambra State has not seen this kind of wanton homicidal carnage directly or indirectly visited on hapless commuters by those aspiring to govern them. Our memory of such brigandage has gradually become blurred since the present dispensation enthroned some quietude that allowed Anambra people to go about their regular businesses without fear of molestation.
It is important to note that before the APC flag-off at Onitsha, other parties including APGA had launched their campaigns with varying degrees of turn outs and fanfare. Nothing happened. As a matter of fact, APGA’s campaign flag-off was more like a carnival which ended on a happy note. And that is what political rallies are meant to be – where supporters appear in party colours and branded premiums to cheer on their candidates amidst sundry entertainments. Political rallies, just like consumer promotional events, are supposed to stimulate fun and excitement and not some gruesome experience that tends to scarify the human mind.
The question people are asking now is: how come it’s on the day of APC’s campaign flag-off that three people dropped dead after their convoy whooshed pass Nkpor on their seeming querulous homeward journey? Not just that; in the melee that trailed the sound of gunshots, people were reportedly mugged and robbed in an environment that had enjoyed relative quiet. And this is why some of us have argued that the routine denial issued by the party’s cyber agents is rather tenuous and deserving of further interrogation. How come last night a witch was heard hooting at the roof top and in the morning a child in that same house died? We are not trying to be superstitious here but something is definitely wrong. The coincidence is questionable and one that should stir the law enforcement agencies into making critical enquiries as to the antecedence of the key players in the alleged crime. Three innocent lives cannot just be snuffed out like that and nobody is asking questions. It’s unfair! These are responsible people with families who depend on them.
The video clip of the alleged killing showed a dead man eagle-spread on the roof of his car with blood spatter all over the body of the car including his rear wind screen, an indication that he bled profusely before he gave up.
The gory and unconscionable display of this young man’s corpse immediately reminds you of the mafia-style execution to serve as a warning to rival gangs. So, who is somebody trying to warn or scare with the grisly display of this man’s lifeless body? Is somebody trying to sinisterly announce to the people of Anambra that the bad boys are back in town? This development is unacceptable, and if it is not nipped in the bud may likely portend what we would see in the coming weeks and days. We therefore expect what happened in Nkpor to be of interest to the Inspector General of Police who had once visited Anambra State and acknowledged that it is the safest state in the country. He should urge his Commissioner of Police, Garba Umar to thoroughly investigate what happened on the evening of Friday the 20th of October and make the report public. The families of the deceased have a right to know what happened to their loved ones who bade them farewell that morning.
For the Anambra State Commissioner of Police who in a recent press interview vowed to go after thugs and thuggery, this is an opportunity to match his words with action, bearing in mind that the key figures on that convoy have been fingered for various heinous crimes that shook the state in the past. Crimes so grievous that, if it were to be in other climes, the suspects should be cooling off under different long jail terms.  But here they are, being celebrated and audaciously presented as political candidates. You then begin to wonder what has happened to the much vaunted fight against corruption.
This incident brings to mind the heartless murder of Bernabas Igwe and his pregnant wife, as well as the burning of public buildings over a decade ago in this state. As I write this piece nobody has been convicted for that dastardly act. Or are we saying that the concealing of murder and arson is not part of corruption? Me think it’s the highest form of corruption because it involved the lives of a couple whose children were suddenly and compulsorily made orphans. Nobody knows what has become of those kids they left behind. It’s even possible that the loss of their parents had since sentenced them to perpetual hardship and agony. Meanwhile, the real suspects are left to strut around like peacocks and even have the temerity to vie for high offices under a party whose mantra is to fight corruption. What a shame!
Anambra people have experienced relative peace and tranquility in the last three and half years. They are not prepared to return to the days of mayhem and brazen brigandage. All that the hard working people of Anambra State are asking for is a peaceful atmosphere that would allow them ply their trade. And that atmosphere has since been ushered in by the Willie Obiano administration and would be further consolidated in his second term.

Nwosu wrote from Awka (

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