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In the years past, Anambra used to be classified as a cursed state. Nobody wanted to be associated with it. All the tribes in Nigeria used to distant themselves from any business, game or event associated with an Anambra man. Only few people used to take uninsurable risks of making friends with an Anambra man. 

Visiting Anambra was at your own risk. There was chaos, anarchy and gross skirmishes everywhere in Anambra state. What we used to hear on radio, television and other conventional media were cases of kidnappings, armed robberies, communal clashes, organized gangsterism, unwholesome deaths and other serious vices. 

A sitting governor was even kidnapped, slapped, abused and humiliated like a small boy and nothing happened up till today. While the principal actors are still walking on the streets of Nigeria without fear of legal prosecution. They are even adored and feared by even the political class and the religious. The state nearly went into political and economic oblivion.

But one thing you can never take away from an average Anambra citizen is hope. The people prayed and hoped that one day a messiah would ascend throne political and administrative rostrum in Anambra state. Ndi Anambra refused to be deterred by those negative things being orchestrated by some few fifth columnists who wanted to be at the helm of affairs at all costs and by all means. The churches went back to their tabernacles and asked for Divine intervention. 

Then came Chief Obiano in 2014, the heavens opened. The destiny of Ndi Anambra started shining again. The economy started booming and growing. The glory came back to Israel. Ndi Anambra started taking back their seats amongst the comity of business and political class. The name "ANAMBRA" started opening doors for Ndi Anambra. 

The whole nation are now jealous of Anambra. Other governor's send emissaries to Anambra to learn the magic. Some people from other states even beg Ndi Anambra to second Chief Obiano to their state even if it is for two months. The singular truth is that Chief Obiano has restored the DIGNITY AND PRIDE OF AN ANAMBRA MAN".

What is it that Chief Obiano is doing that craved Anambra state to greatness!
The simple thing he is doing is putting the round peg in every round hole and square peg in every square hole chief Obiano quintessential achievements can also be attributed to his utmost sincerity of purpose. His quest to develop Anambra state is never in doubts. But plans for Ndi Anambra is being impeded by the PAUCITY of funds. 

But he is managing the limited resources exceptionally well. This is why we are able to stay afloat without OIL MONEY. IT IS VERY SOUND TO NOTE THAT ANAMBRA STATE PASSED FINANCIAL STRESS TEST. Anambra state  is where the governor is practicing FINANCIAL ENGINEERING and he is succeeding with it.. Chief Obiano is doing MORE with LESS.

In Anambra, the governor is doing the undone. He is reaching the unreached. He is giving hope to the hopeless. There would be a different Anambra when he finishes his second term in office. Check out Umueje bridge, Iyiora bridge, Omambala bridge, Amawbia by-pass flyover, Kwata flyover. aroma flyover, Amichi-Ogbodi-Osumenyi by-pass; Akpokuodike performed wonders there. 

You can check out Ogwuikpele road where politicians used helicopters to campaign in the vicinity due to the absence of access road, it is 85% completed. What can you say about Umunankwo-Ogwuaniocha road transversing Ihiala with a bridge across Ulasi river? It is under serious construction? 

Have you made out time to move round Anambra at night? From Amamsea old road to Nkpor is well illuminated with street lights. From Amamsea Express to Amawbia flyover is equally illuminated with street lights. From Nise to Agulu is illuminated as well. Igwe Orizu road in Nnewi is illuminated too. Afor Nnobi to Awka Etiti will soon be switched on. Ekwulobia to Uga axis is 90% completed. Uga to Ezinifite road is 70% completed. From Abagana through Awkuzu, Nteje, Umuleri, Otuocha and Aguleri are illuminated too. 

Eke Amichi axis through the eastern and western part of Ichida-Amichi-Osumenyi road known as Chief Maja Umeh road is now adored with street lights. Chief Ochendo SN Okeke road to the Osumenyi boundary street light project is 70% done. All the towns and villages in Anambra state are getting their own share of LIGHT UP ANAMBRA PROJECT. Also, many streets in Awka are now illuminated at nights to guarantee adequate security. Several road projects have been completed and delivered in Anambra. Only a man with sincerity of purpose can achieve all these feats.

Most recently, Obiano delved into a project where the past administrations feared to venture. He broke that claws and shackles of jig-saw by starting a gigantic WORLD CLASS AIRPORT CITY project in Anambra state. He engineered in a project where others never had the political will to do. 

This project was initially proposed by the past administration but couldn't sum up the political will to do so.HE Chief Dr Willie M. Obiano is changing the face of governance in Anambra state. His style of leadership is MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVE (MBO). He is a leader Ndi Anambra needs.

More so, His Excellency Chief Willie M. Obiano is even ready and planing to develop Anambra for generations after us. He is laying solid foundations for future leaders of Anambra state and indeed Nigeria to take over from him. He is building ANAMBRA OF OUR DREAMS. Chief Obiano will always tell the youths that the future to succeed lies in their hands. 

He is therefore poised to help the youths take up the challenges for proper development. It is on record that 60% of his cabinets is made of YOUTHS. His Excellency Chief Dr Willie M. Obiano thinks of the NEXT GENERATION but feeble mindedoliticians think of the NEXT ELECTION.

Wouldn't you rather support this noble course?

Willie is working well.

I support.

...Odaa writes from Amichi.

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